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help with balancing diet to remedy multiple health issues

Foren-Übersicht » Themen » Diäten » help with balancing diet to remedy multiple health issues
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Titel: help with balancing diet to remedy multiple health issues

So all within this year, I have dropped almost 100lbs so far. It has been quite the roller coaster ride. I was diagnosed back in April with T2 diabetes after being hospitalized. They specifically told me that I needed to get on an LCHF diet to help myself. Up until recently that has been working great for me. My A1C is now stabilized with diet,exercise, and metformin. Unfortunately, I'm finding myself with more issues now. The doctor has since added me to a low dosage BP medication. I was not excited but i went with it. Recently, I did a blood panel to see how everything has been coming along. Now the Dr. is telling me that I have high cholesterol too and is trying to push statins. I tried bargaining with her about making further changes to avoid more pills. She basically said no but also has not yet sent any medications to the pharmacy. I am sure she will end up sending it eventually. What i need help with is that she told me NO i should not be eating an LCHF diet i need to be eating an LCLF diet along with low sodium. I'm losing hope here and hardly eat much of anything these days. How do i balance all of these 'guidelines' without losing my mind? What kind of diet can i follow? How do i balance things on labels now when i have so much to worry about already? How much is too much cholesterol? I eat basically nothing but light greek yogurt, eggs, low carb oatmeal, meat and a *kitten* ton of veggies and cheese. Although i am considerably smaller and feel better all around i also feel like my health is overall worse now than when I was 100lbs heavier.HELP!!??

Please help

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Thank you
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Ich bin neu und komm jetzt öfter

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Foren-Übersicht » Themen » Diäten » help with balancing diet to remedy multiple health issues
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