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Good kitchen knife for my wife?

Foren-Übersicht » Küche » Interessantes aus der Küche » Good kitchen knife for my wife?
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Titel: Good kitchen knife for my wife?

My wife loves to cook. Thus far she's been using absolutely crappy knives for everything. (The only "good" knives we have are a set of Henkels steak knives, which are OMG sharp, but aren't any good for food prep.)
She's considering taking some cooking classes (and perhaps, going to culinary school, though that's very much in the dream stages). I've searched the fora, and read the threads on knives. That, combined with the advice of Anthony Bourdain, leads me to the conclusion that I want to get her a good chef's knife.I'd also like to get her a case to put it in so she can take it with her when she cooks at someone else's house (our kitchen sucks, so she does this with some frequency). Our 10th anniversary is coming up, so bonus points if the case is made of Aluminum.I've looked around a bit and quite like the looks of Global knives and Shun knives, which both seem to be well regarded. Alas, I know nothing of cutlery, so my liking them means precisely nothing.

Please help.

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Ich bin neu und komm jetzt öfter

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Foren-Übersicht » Küche » Interessantes aus der Küche » Good kitchen knife for my wife?
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